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At Gitanjali Health Care Service, we are dedicated to enhancing your well-being and providing comprehensive healthcare solutions that prioritize your health and happiness. Our mission is to be your trusted partner on your journey to optimal wellness.

Certified Health Care Professionals Committed to Excellence​

Gitanjali Health Care Service is a team of professional health care providers dedicated to delivering high-quality services. We offer physiotherapy at home, nursing care at home, caregiver services, medical equipment rentals, and medicines home delivery. Our goal is to ensure the well-being and comfort of our clients.

Our Services

All Your Health Care Needs at One Place

Nursing Care


Compensate and Skilled Nursing Staff


Professionally trained physiotherapist

Rent or Purchase

Buy or rent the medicale quipment

Medicines Home delivery

Discount on medicines

Book an Appointment & You’re Done!

Looking for the best & quick health care without a long waiting time?

Why Choose Us

We Make Physiotherapists Treatments Fun!

The transforming healthcare scenario in India has led to the advent of Homecare – Healthcare services that conveniently come Home for the comfort of patients and their families.


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